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Actual photographs of coins Fred Beihl, Rare Coins has consulted on, bought and sold. We buy from Collectors, Dealers, Investors, Estates, Speculators, Hoarders,
and people like you too! No PA Sales Tax on Coins or Bullion.
All prices are subject to change.
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1934 Series $1,000.00 FRN, Soiled and Torn rewoven L.R. corner SOLD at Auction on 29 August for $1,550.00 to an out of state dealer! The Local Dealers passed on it! I SOLD IT !
Left: 1928 Saint-Gaudens $20.00 Gold Coin Numismatic value, Right 2014 US Gold Eagle,1oz.Gold Coin Bullion value

Always Buying Better Coins 

National Currency

1879-CC Morgan $ NGC MS-64 Sold in 2012

CWT Civil War Tokens

Buy Prices: Please Note: Some dealers may match or exceed our prices posted here.
REMEMBER they are looking at your coins. We'll even let you call the CDN dealer of your choice on your speaker cell phone from our office to match their offer.
No need to ship your RARE coins out of town risking loss, and payment delays.

This offer does not apply to common date or damaged coins.

By APPOINTMENT We would like to see the coins too and make our top offer.

Morgan Dollars GSA “CC” in Box with Proper # Certificate price depending on condition:

1878-CC                $500.00
1879-CC                $5,575.00 UP TO $5,900.00
1880-CC                $420.00+
1881-CC                $410.00+

1883-CC                $195.00+
1884-CC                $195.00+
1885-CC                $515.00 +
1890-CC               $2,250.00+

1891-CC                $525.00 UP TO $1,710.00
COMMON Date CC VF+ $70.00 + ea.
ALL prices subject to change.

We prefer to buy and sell in bulk, but gladly buy 1 or 2 Troy ounces of silver.
We do not update this website, please refer to it as a sample of what we buy and sell.

100 OZ Bars Silver (IRA Eligible) Selling: Engelhard, J&M, RCM, RMC*, Asahi @ Spot Silver + COMPETATIVE MARKET * per Troy oz. Pick up Delivery & Shipment available! Discounts on 500+ oz lots.
NO hypothetical calls just come in with your CASH, CHECK or BULLION during Banking Business Hours and we'll BUY or SELL it.
( Price & inventory availablity may change, we can special order any amount for you at market prices).
$$$ APPROVED CHECK, Wire transfer, ACH on large amounts, WITH A CASH SECURITY DEPOSIT.
500 oz lots of
U.S. Silver Eagles are priced daily based on market trends, and availability at the time of your call. A security deposit is required on any special order from our depository vaults.

Large Payments made by Check, ACH or Bank Wire during Banking Business Hours.

 If you have these coins: Never clean them. Never remove CC Dollars from GSA boxes!
If single or loose wrap them in folded paper or envelope. Wrap securely and Ship USPS Insured!

Harry S. Truman Coin and Chronicles Set Rev PF MS68, Sold at Auction: $210.00 yes $210.00
Franklin Mint Sterling Silver/ .925F Sets or Medallion Pieces
Norman Rockwell's Tribute to Mark Twain, Franklin Mint Sterling,.925F
Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint and odd Fine Silver medallions
1943 Steiff Rose Sterling Silver Service for 8, Never Used ! P.O.R.
2012 First Strike 1/10oz Gold,MS-69, China 50 Yn Sold at Auction for $161.50
SMI, and JM, Credit Suisse, PAMP, OPM, Engelhard,etc. .999F+- IRA eligible Gold
1986-Present Date U.S. Gold Proof and Unc. Gold Eagle Bullion Coins,IRA Eligible
Republic Metals Corp. 100 oz. Bar .999F Silver Selling Bulk for as low as +.95 over spot
Buying PCGS, NGC Morgan Dollars, Want lists filled
500 oz Bulk U.S. Silver American Eagles in Green Box at our lowest current market trends. CALL NOW
3/4 oz Gold Kennedy Half Dollar. Call for availability and exact quote.

All BULLION Kept in Depository Vaults.

Please call to confirm prior sales. Mail Order Bullion requires an account with a funded deposit or payment in Full.
Call Now: 717-993-3163

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Always Buying- Always Selling
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