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US Sunshine Mint
Gold Bars 1oz. .999F
Buy 1 Oz. or Bulk


U.S.Gold Bars 1 oz. .999F

Buy 1 Oz or Bulk

U.S. Mint Gold Eagles

1/10, 1/4, 1/2 & 1 Oz.

Fine Gold Buy 1 or more



1 oz,10 oz.,100 oz. .999F Silver Bars CALL

Bulk .999F. Silver

 Prices of: 300- 500 oz.

as low as .67 over Spot

US Silver Eagles 1oz. .999F 1oz. - Bulk Box of 500 oz.

1oz US Silver Eagles 1-500 or more. CALL:


Canadian Silver Maple Leaf  1 oz. - Bulk Box of 500 oz.

Canada's 1 oz. .999F Silver Coin 1oz. -500 oz. CALL: 717-993-3163


BULLION Prices Subject to Change with Market trends at any moment.
There is a 3.2% Credit Card Fee! PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE at ANY TIME.

DISCOUNTS on Bulk Orders of more than 200 U.S. Silver Eagles

500 + U.S. Silver Eagles: Silver Spot + CALL  in U.S. Mint green box or tubes. CALL
200 + U.S. Silver Eagles: Silver Spot   +$2.98 in U.S. Mint Tubes CALL for Bulk Discount
20 + U.S. Silver Eagles: Silver Spot     +$3.75 in U.S. Mint Tube

1-19) U.S. Silver Eagles Silver Spot     +$3.85+USPS of $4.00 for Mail orders of 1-19.

(1oz,999F,$1.00 Legal Tender, Silver Bullion Coin) or any bullion please call to confirm.


Allow at least 72 hours for USPS delivery, Holidays allow extra time.
PRICES for 1- 99 oz. are not bulk discounted, CC fee + 3.2% on all CC orders prior delivery!

The Spot Prices change all day long by the moment! Premiums may change.
Please Call for the best market price on Bulk Orders.

NOTE: Clients with an ACCOUNT order on phone & pay by CHECK save 3.2% CC fee

Small quantity prices above add Shipping, Remember 3.2% Credit Card Fee.
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Thank you, Fred Beihl, Rare Coins, Auctioneer and Appraiser

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