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WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL. Paypal cuts into your savings and our sales margins.

Funded Accounts receive priority service. This is how we save you money!


Your items will not ship without the full net payment we quote you.

Cash Customers may get same day service on "in stock items".

 Kilo Bars .9999F Gold
 32.151 Troy oz./1,000g.
 Requires Funded   Account or pre payment 


U.S.Gold Bars 1 oz. .999F

Buy 1 Oz or Bulk

U.S. Mint Gold Eagles

1/10, 1/4, 1/2 & 1 Oz.

Fine Gold Buy 1 or more



We use Pennsylvania Certified Scales Calibrated by Garber Metrology of Lititz, PA

1000 Gram Kilo Bar/ 32.151 Troy Oz. Gold
Below example of our PA Weights and Measures Certification renewed every year!

If you have a FUNDED ACCOUNT you can quickly call to order any amount of GOLD. Prolonged Questions require a PRIVATE APPOINTMENT.

We place your order using your security deposit as collateral. It is your responsibility for full payment within 48hrs to us due by BANK WIRE or by Approved Check. Delivery to you may be immediate or DELAYED on special orders.
GOLD .9999 Fine Kilos with Guaranteed delivery are executed during LIVE Market hours requiring full payment prior delivery to you. We can ship anywhere in the US.

1 oz,10 oz.,100 oz. .999F Silver Bars CALL

Bulk .999F. Silver

 Prices of: 300- 500 oz.

Active Market quotes during open market hours.

US Silver Eagles 1oz. .999F 1oz. - Bulk Box of 500 oz.

1oz US Silver Eagles 1-500 or more. CALL:


Canadian Silver Maple Leaf  1 oz. - Bulk Box of 500 oz.

Canada's 1 oz. .999F Silver Coin 1oz. -500 oz. CALL: 717-993-3163


BULLION Prices Subject to Change with Market trends at any moment.
Your account must be FUNDED to buy BULLION. We accept Check or Bank Wires with a down payment as security deposit. We do not buy your bullion for you with our money- you must pay us in full prior to delivery of your bullion.

All funds must clear our BANK prior delivery. We do not lend money, you must pay for your bullion then take delivery.


We prefer your check, or BANK WIRE clearing BOTH our BANK and your BANK.
You may pay by check in our office*. There are no refunds made on Bullion.


DISCOUNTS on Bulk Orders of more than 300 U.S. Silver Eagles

500 + U.S. Silver Eagles: Silver Spot + CALL  in U.S. Mint green box or tubes. CALL
300 + U.S. Silver Eagles: Silver Spot   +$POR in U.S. Mint Tubes CALL for Bulk Discount
20 + U.S. Silver Eagles: Silver Spot     +$POR in U.S. Mint Tube

1-19) U.S. Silver Eagles Silver Spot     +$POR+ Postage extra for small Mail Orders.


Special Deliveries: Allow time for USPS or UPS delivery, Holidays allow extra time.
PRICES for 1- 99 oz. are not bulk discounted.

Due to Credit Card Scams we no longer accept Credit Cards. AGAIN you must pay by: BANK WIRE, Check* or Cash $. You may come to our office and pay by check*, but you must have a cash deposit until all funds clear the bank.
We do not lend customers money to buy their bullion from us.
You must pay for your own bullion in full prior to delivery.

Unknown customers: Large deliveries made in 72 hours for our protection.*

The Spot Prices change all day long by the moment! Premiums may change.
Please Call for the best market price on  serious Bulk Orders.
Entry level questions require an apointment. We are NOT a CHAT LINE.


Small quantity prices above add Shipping to be determined.
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