1861 $20 Gold, NGC MS-62, SS Republic
13,500.00 USD

1861 $20 Liberty Type Gold Piece from SS Republic
This 1861 $20 D. NGC- MS-62 coin is one of the finest Problem Free recovery coins for sale.
54 Coins graded MS-62, 83 Higher, other coins have problems. NO SALES TAX.
Ships USPS insured no extra charge!

1929 National Currency $20 Stewartstown Pennsylvania
625.00 USD

1929 National Currency, Stewartstown, PA. Charter 4665, F-1802-1, R 1 (Locally Scarce)
Very white paper, High grade Note,Low Serial No. F000370A, No noticeable folds, Under light slight hint of center vertical fold noticed. Looks UNC: Chrisp AU-59.

1929 National Currency $10 Stewartstown, PA Charter 4665
575.00 USD

1929 $10 The First National Bank of Stewartstown Pennsylvania
Jones- Woods, Charter 4665, (G180) No heavy folds or creases. Well centered Front and Back.
How many Stewartstown Nat. currency notes have you seen? Crisp White, Choice AU,

2014 Kennedy SILVER 50th Anniversary Set LAST ONE!
100.00 USD

2014 90% Silver Kennedy 50th Anniversary Half Dolls. Silver like in 1964 !
4 Coins:W Mint Rev. PF, P Mint PF, S Mint Enhanced Unc, D Mint Unc.
No Ebay rejects here.Buy my Quality Original US Mint Coins
Pay elsewhere $130.-$280.00 1 Set left/SOLD 5 sets!

Nolan Ryan, Base Ball
375.00 USD

1994 Nolan Ryan,Texas Rangers No.34,.999 Fine Silver 4 Medallion 9 oz. boxed set.1)Base Ball MLBP,.999F.Lg Medallion/Coin #207:All Time Strike Out Leader,2) 1oz,.999F Silver 300th Victory July 31,1990,3)1oz.7th No-Hitter May 1st 1991,4) 5,000 All Time Major League Strikeout Leader.

Mixed Mercury Dimes 20/$2 Face
27.00 USD

Mercury Dimes, 20 Count $2 Face. Mixed Dates of Our Choice. All will have Full Date and Rims some with Mint Marks:P/D/S. Great for a startup collection or stronger silver value than worn silver dimes. HUNDREDS SOLD, buy now before Silver goes up higher!
All US Mint .900 Fine Silver

Heart shape Diamond,2.03ct.
7,750.00 USD

1 Natural Heart Shape Diamond, 2.03ct., SI2, K $ P.O.R. for Special price includes mounting in 14K,18K or Platinum CALL: 717-993-3163

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