1861 $20 Gold, NGC MS-62, SS Republic
13,500.00 USD

1861 $20 Liberty Type Gold Piece from SS Republic
This 1861 $20 D. NGC- MS-62 coin is one of the finest Problem Free recovery coins for sale.
54 Coins graded MS-62, 83 Higher, other coins have problems. NO SALES TAX.
Ships USPS insured no extra charge!

1929 National Currency $20 Stewartstown Pennsylvania
625.00 USD

1929 National Currency, Stewartstown, PA. Charter 4665, F-1802-1, R 1 (Locally Scarce)
Very white paper, High grade Note,Low Serial No. F000370A, No noticeable folds, Under light slight hint of center vertical fold noticed. Looks UNC: Chrisp AU-59.

Heart shape Diamond,2.03ct.
6,250.00 USD

1 Natural Heart Shape Diamond, 2.03ct., SI2, K. Price is on top of this listing. No need to ask that is the price.
We can help you mount this Diamond in a Gold or Platinum ring style of your choice or have it mounted by any jeweler of your choice.
CALL: 717-993-3163

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