1985 FRN $10 No Front Serial Number
450.00 USD

1985 Federal Reserve Note (FRN) $10,
Ortega – Baker “No Front Serial Number”
“Third Print on Reverse”, 3,C,Philadelphia PA
C 40774894A, No dog ears, Gem Note F-2027C,Gem UNC
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1957-B Silver Certificate Mismatched Serial Numbers
450.00 USD

1957-B Silver Certificate, MISMATCHED SERIAL NUMBERS
LEFT # : U 370 32333A , RIGHT #: U 470 32333A
Very White Note, Friedberg Number: F1621
No Folds, Creases or Dog Ears. Gem Unc.

1929 National Currency $20 Stewartstown Pennsylvania
550.00 USD

1929 National Currency, Stewartstown, PA. Charter 4665, F-1802-1, R 1 (Locally Scarce)
Very white paper, High grade Note,Low Serial No. F000370A, No noticeable folds, Under light slight hint of center vertical fold noticed. Looks UNC: Chrisp AU-59.

1923 Lincoln $5 Port Hole Silver Cert.
1,150.00 USD

1923 Lincoln, "Port Hole" S.C.,Lg. Note, Friedberg No.: F-282, VF/F
No tears, no wear through weak spots, typical Horizontal and Vertical folds, well defined front engraving details,Back shows well with only three vertical folds present, a solid pleasing Type Note

1929 National Currency $10 Stewartstown, PA Charter 4665
475.00 USD

1929 $10 The First National Bank of Stewartstown Pennsylvania
Jones- Woods, Charter 4665, (G180) No heavy folds or creases. Well centered Front and Back.
How many Stewartstown Nat. currency notes have you seen? Crisp White, Choice AU,

1914 FRN $5
255.00 USD

1914 Boston branch FRN, Very white mark free note, a small BEP paper flaw under 10x magnification in upper right field of Lincoln's vignette. Minor hints of three vertical folds.
Ser. #: A73513704A,Back: Three non-distracting vertical folds.
Maintains a high Unc look,F-847, Crisp AU-55+

1993-P (Phila) Bicentennial Gold Set
2,200.00 USD

1993-P Philadelphia Mint, Becentennial 5 piece Gold, Silver , and Medal Set, In US Mint Box with Certificate of Authenticity. Proof-70 Quality

1917 United States Note FR-37
170.00 USD

1917 United States Note, George Washington, Elliot- Burke,Detailed Engraving Front & Back,nice color, Vertical & Horizontal folds, Front with a few light stains mentioned- nice Type Collection fit. Maintains crisp paper, sharp detail of a better grade.
Friedberg No: Fr-37, EF

1991 Mount Rushmore 6 Con Set
775.00 USD

1991 Mt. Rushmore 6 Coin Set, US Mint wood Box w/COA. Gem Quality Coins in Mint issued archive quality (PVC Free) Capsules. $5D Gold W Mint, Silver Dollar S Mint PF, P Mint Unc, Half Dol. S Mint PF, D Mint Unc. PICK UP at office & save S&H, Remember add 3% on Credit Cards! List Price: $789.

1989- W Congress $5 Gold Proof-69
375.00 USD

1989-W Proof Congress Commemorative US $5.Dollar Gold Certified by: PCGS Deep Cameo Mirror Proof Fields. Legal Tender US Gold, SELLING on Ebay for over $390.00, Get now while Gold is LOW!
Pick up at office save S&H, Remember Credit Cards add 3%.

2006-S San Francisco Old Mint $5 Gold
385.00 USD

2006-S San Francisco Old Mint US $5.Dollar Gold Certified by: PCGS Deep Cameo Mirror Proof. Legal Tender US Gold, SELLING on Ebay for over $400.00, Get now while Gold is LOW!
Pick up at office save S&H, Remember Credit Cards add 3%.

2008-W Bald Eagle $5 Gold
405.00 USD

2008-W Bald Eagle Commemorative US $5.Dollar Gold Certified by: PCGS Deep Cameo Mirror Proof Fields. Legal Tender US Gold, SELLING on Ebay for over $430-$550.00, Get now while Gold is LOW!
Pick up at office save S&H, Remember Credit Cards add 3%.Still less than Ebay!

1899 Black Eagle Silver Certificate
495.00 USD

1899 BLACK EAGLE, $1,Silver Certificate,Teehee-Burke, Serial No.: T59391397T
Very White, Crisp, Front right BEP production ink. Overall Choice - Gem
FRIEDBERG No.: Fr-233, Very Choice UNC BUY now $495.00 Layaway:$550.00

2014 Kennedy SILVER 50th Anniversary Set
100.00 USD

2014 90% Silver Kennedy 50th Anniversary Half Dolls. Silver like in 1964 !
4 Coins:W Mint Rev. PF, P Mint PF, S Mint Enhanced Unc, D Mint Unc.
No Ebay rejects here.Buy my Quality Original US Mint Coins
Pay elsewhere $130.-$280.00 my price with Credit Card & S&H is Less!

1807 Capped Bust "Bearded" Half Dollar
4,000.00 USD

1807 Bust Half, Bearded Liberty Overton Variety: O-111-b
Original Slate Grey, Full Rims, legends and Date,
Just in from: NGC,VF-20,# 2725810-002. Providence:York Co.PA. Family for 200+ years, A great Rare variety Capped Bust Half: Numismatic News Guide: $4,000.00

Mixed Mercury Dimes 20/$2 Face
27.00 USD

Mercury Dimes, 20 Count $2 Face. Mixed Dates of Our Choice. All will have Full Date and Rims some with Mint Marks:P/D/S. Great for a startup collection or stronger silver value than worn silver dimes.
All US Mint .900 Fine Silver

Nolan Ryan, Base Ball
375.00 USD

1994 Nolan Ryan,Texas Rangers No.34,.999 Fine Silver 4 Medallion 9 oz. boxed set.1)Base Ball MLBP,.999F.Lg Medallion/Coin #207:All Time Strike Out Leader,2) 1oz,.999F Silver 300th Victory July 31,1990,3)1oz.7th No-Hitter May 1st 1991,4) 5,000 All Time Major League Strikeout Leader.

1993-S Bill of Rights 3 coin W/$5 Gold
400.00 USD

1993-S Bill of Rights Proof Set: Madison Dollar, $5 Gold and Silver Half Dollar
US Mint box and COA. Remember add 3% if paying by Credit Card.
Selling on Ebay for $429.-$499.00
PF-70 Quality

Heart shape Diamond,2.03ct.
12,750.00 USD

1 Natural Heart Shape Diamond, 2.03ct., SI2, K $ P.O.R. for Special price includes mounting in 14K,18K or Platinum CALL: 717-993-3163

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