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Rare Coins, Jewelry, Diamonds, Gold, Silver Bullion and Jewelry.
Appraisals for: Estates, Executors, POA, Insurance or Divorce, and Law Enforcement for Court Proceedings by negotiated fee. Private valuations of small lots of 5 or less items typically made at no charge.
Consultations made for Estates, Divorce, Insurance, or Legal purposes by negotiated fee.
Private Sales and Live Public Auction Sales including online for maximum results for you.

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Do you have a Hoard of Coins or a Cataloged Coin Collection?

Fred Beihl can help you identify Key Date and Rare Coins in your possession to maximize your profits!
Lincoln Cents before 1933, Morgan or Peace Silver Dollars or even GOLD COINS are all worth varied amounts depending on their date, mint mark and Grade - Condition! Condition is Important, DO NOT CLEAN your coins!
Cleaning will remove years of natural toning or cause irreversible scratches,damage and a false shine that true collectors and dealers will recognize and pass up for a better unaltered coin. We don't want to sound rude, however, we are not a chat line.
PLEASE set up an APPOINTMENT for your private consultation! If you have questions we are glad to send you via E-Mail Free Information to help you SORT and SELL your Rare Coins or Bullion. Simply ask by e-mail:  
To help with this task: Fred Beihl has a Numismatic Library that covers US Half Cents to Twenty Dollar Gold Double Eagle Coins and Rare Coin Varieties of all Coin Types including Modern Gold Bullion Coins and Commemoratives.

Call to visit my office, we can look up a few coins and determine a value quickly. More coins take more time and may require a negotiated fee to cover research and bookkeeping. Typically 5 / five coins or less are evaluated at no charge with no obligation. Written Appraisals can be negotiated for a fee good for Estate, Private, Divorce, Court or Police Recovery needs.
It may take time to research an item and authenticate it by means of weight, size, and diagnostics particular to the type or variety you have. Evaluations that go beyond the scope of simple catalog research may require a fee for proper identification and authenticity determination to reach an opinnion of value. Fred Beihl may recommend the Services of ANACS, the American Numismatic Association Certification Services, NGC or PCGS all of which can render an indepedant oppinion of grade, condition and implied value. 
I'll make you a cash offer or gladly represent your holdings as Agent for Private Sale or at Auction for your maximized profit.
If you do not accept my cash offer of a few coins, you may seeke an opinnion elsewhere, you may also decide to contract with me to represent your coins as agent for sale at Auction by written negotiated fee.


If your Collection requires a SALE at Auction to settle an Estate; Fred Beihl, a PA Licensed Auctioneer and Appraiser can help you. Your collection will be properly Identified, Graded and Cataloged for sale.

Our past Auctions realized Thousands of Dollars for a small collection of Lincoln Cents. With several local dealers present one of my Auctions realised over $30,000.00 including a torn, soiled and badly folded Series 1934 $1000.00 Bill for $1,550.00. See our Private Sales and Auction Results for coins I have handled in my office.


I have handled coins for clients and customers like you! I can meet with you at your Attorney's Office, Bank or Home. My office in quiet Stewartstown, PA is fully equiped to research any US Coin or Foreign coin. Bulk Silver or Gold Bullion is never a problem. 

Ask about the Key Date Coins (some are worth Hundreds and Thousands of Dollars or more!) that you might find in your holdings. Many old coins are common and it is "KNOWING" the key dates or Varieties to look for that helps you profit!

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Morgan Silver Dollars

United States Tokens Research

ANACS Grading Standards

14K YG Marquise Diamond,1.10ct.

14K YG Bracelet Diamond & Rubies

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