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PA License AU-003548-L/ York County Precious Metals Dealer License:

Payments based on current Market Full Bid Spot for Karat Gold as follows:


10K     =        .416 Fine

14K     =        .583 F.- .585 F.

16K     =        .666 F

18K     =        .750 F

21.6 K =        .900 F

22 K    =        .916 F

24 K    =        .999 + F


31.103 g.  = 1 Troy Ounce = 20 dwt. = (1.097 Avoirdupois not used for precious metals)


31.103 divided by 1.555 = 20 dwt,     20 x 1.555 = 31.103g

100g = 3.215 troy oz.

1000g = 32.1512 troy oz = 1 Kilo

20 dwt stands for 20 penny weights. 20 dwt = 1 troy oz = 31.103 grams = 480 grains

Do not confuse your U.S. 1 oz. Gold “Proof” coin with the Unc. Bullion gold coin.
We pay more than 100% for the proof . It must have: The Original US Mint Box, Certification Papers and Capsule and be undamaged.

Example IF your Unc. Bullion U.S. 1 oz. Gold Eagle coin is undamaged I will pay you 100% of Spot.
If Gold spot is $2,000.00 I shall pay you $2,000.00 for an undamaged 1 oz U.S. gold bullion coin!

Your coins do not need to be weighed (unless damaged) because they are a known assay and weight!




Problems understanding Precious Metals weights?

Avoirdupois / avdp. weight is an English and American system based on 16 ounces to a pound.
This is how we measure Food at the grocer’s and Mail shipped by the USPS.

Avoirdupois weight is NOT how precious metals are measured.

Precious metals are weighed using the TROY OUNCE, or by GRAMS.

There are 31.103 grams per 1 Troy ounce.

If you are weighing with the Avdp. Food or US Postage ounce you are going to be wrong and cheat yourself.

Remember both systems can use “grams” so if you have a problem understanding the conversion then just figure the total troy ounce or part of a troy ounce that you have IN GRAMS.
Now figure out how much money you are getting per gram! Simply go by grams.
But wait, the scrap industry buys old gold or scrap gold by the dwt or Penny weight and sells by the gram in Troy ounces. But you can still convert to grams for your peace of mind. The following standard formulas will help you.

g = gram,

31.103g x 12 oz. Troy = 373.236 g = 1 Troy Lb.
                             12 Troy oz.          = 1 Troy Lb. = 373.236 grams

1000 g.                = 32.151 Troy ounces or a Kilo

100 g.                  = 3.215 Troy Oz.,
31.103 g.             = 1 Troy Oz.


Avdp.  28.349g x 16 oz. avdp.    = 453.58g =         1 Pound avdp.   Food & Postage

1 oz. avdp.          x 16                        = 16 oz. avdp. =                 1 Pound avdp.   Food & Postage

By using GRAMS if you have an:

Avoirdupois / Avdp. Ounce you’ll get paid for only: 28.349 grams of precious metals per ounce.

Troy Ounce you’ll get paid for the heavier: 31.103 grams of precious metals per ounce.

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